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Skinceuticals facial treatment in Wiesbaden


Cosmetic medical facial treatments with SkinCeuticals®

A medical facial treatment with the professional products of SkinCeuticals fulfills® a very specific wish: the desire for flawless, smooth and healthy skin. The unique products of the brand, which was created in the USA, were developed for individual skin types and contain highly concentrated antioxidants and active ingredients. Medical research shows optimal results after treatment with SkinCeuticals®.

Advantages of SkinCeuticals® at a glance

    ·         effective combination of cosmetics and medicine

    ·         no aggressive or invasive ingredients

    ·         scientifically based skin care

    ·         Use of natural plant extracts

    ·         Effective protection against damaging UV radiation and skin aging

    ·         visible results of cosmetic problem areas in a short time

    ·         Extensive field of treatment for every skin type

Feel-good skin with the right care

SkinCeuticals® has made it its philosophy to fulfill as many people as possible the desire to feel comfortable in their skin again. The treatment includes a whole range of care products that form a uniform system. In order to achieve the best possible result for every skin type, no matter how different, the focus is on research and innovation.

SkinCeuticals® is a pioneer in the field of antioxidant science. All clinical studies on the mode of action of the product series meet the highest medical and pharmaceutical standards and are regularly published in renowned medical journals. The results are achieved in research on real skin in order to better assess the effectiveness of a developed product.


Comprehensive protection for your skin

In the treatment with SkinCeuticals®, several coordinated products are used, which cover all cosmetic problem areas of the facial skin.

They include:

  • Antioxidants
  • Sun protection
  • Facial scrub
  • Face mask with vitamin C
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • with hyaluron and pathenol
  • Facial Cleanser
  • corrective serums
  • Anti-aging active ingredients
  • Age praevention (better aging)



Antioxidants for healthy and beautiful skin

The mode of action of antioxidants is in the foreground in the treatment with SkinCeuticals®.

Everyone is exposed to environmental influences that visibly damage the skin. These include, in particular, UV rays and air pollution. But also factors that arise from an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to the formation of free radicals, which lead to premature aging of the skin.

Treatment with SkinCeuticals includes® a system of sun protection minerals, active ingredients that provide lasting moisture for the skin, vitamins and anti-aging agents. It works in several steps that combine the cleansing of the skin, the use of peelings and masks, the application of creams for day care and UV protection measures. The result of smooth and firm skin is based on the combination of the corresponding active ingredients.


Our medical-cosmetic treatments


The process of our facial treatments consists of the following components:

    ·         Cleaning

    ·         Peeling

    ·         Eyebrows

    ·         Facial massage

    ·         Active ingredient masks

    ·         Day care

    ·         UV protection

1. Every day, a wide variety of dirt settles on our skin. These impurities must first be removed. The skin-clarifying active ingredients from SkinCeuticals® used here gently and thoroughly remove impurities.

2. The subsequent peeling contains an antioxidant effect. A special exfoliating serum, developed on an oil-free basis, removes dead skin cells and at the same time provides the skin with important nutrients. Skin normalization, moisture balance and enzyme stimulation are the effects of peeling.

3. After a soothing facial massage, active ingredient masks are used, which are suitable for all skin types. They hydrate the skin cells and thus make them more receptive.

4. Day care and the right UV protection complete the treatment system. Again, there are multifunctional daily serums that are suitable for all skin types.

To what extent is the treatment good for my skin?

Many problem areas of facial skin can be significantly improved or even completely removed by a facial treatment with SkinCeuticals® care products. Since there are no aggressive or invasive procedures, there is no need to expect injuries to the skin. The skinceuticals® care series does not contain any harmful ingredients. Especially the gentle facial massage contributes to the recovery and stimulation of the blood circulation. The sun protection contains chemical-free UV filters, so that even sensitive skin suffering from environmental influences and premature skin aging benefits from medical treatment with SkinCeuticals®.


What skin types can be treated?

The facial treatment with the skin care series from SkinCeuticals® is suitable for all skin types:

  • greasy
  • dry
  • Combination
  • sensitive skin

Many problematic skin conditions can be treated:

  • Aging of the skin
  • particularly dehydrated skin
  • blotchy, discolored skin areas
  • Acne
  • irritated skin


Optimal results by our experienced beautician

In order to achieve an optimal result, it is important to have the treatment carried out by an experienced beautician or doctor. Since not every skin is the same, a professional skin analysis is carried out by our specialist beautician before facial therapy.


The result of the investigation....

.......... determines the exact combination of the different active ingredients for the ideal adaptation of SkinCeuticals® care products to the individual skin structure. For skin analysis , professional cosmetic devices are therefore used...

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Contact / Booking Tel: 015158565509 - What's - Up - email: - Facebook - Instagram - Google Maps : Mainzerstr 18A - 65185 Wiesbaden

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